Thursday, October 7, 2010

An empty belly is the best cook.~Estonian Proverb

Those Estonians are a hardy bunch.

This weekend is Thanksgiving, and seeing as it is my favorite holiday ( yes even above Halloween) I would like to post an oldie but a goodie that shows my exemplary skills in the kitchen.

(The recycled story has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I was off to a Jane conference yesterday and couldn't get organized enough to have a post ready earlier. )

Stop judging and just enjoy the culinary ride back to 2005 when I was living in Yellowknife.....

Sometimes I forget that I'm not a good cook.

Sometimes I forget that it takes more than a few ingredients and hope to make food turn out right.

Or even edible.

Maybe, that's why I'm not a good cook, because I truly do believe that if you have good intentions, and you mix a bunch of stuff together and put it in the oven, it will turn out a master piece.

I blame all the "house" we used to play, when the sand and the mud and the moss would go on the rock oven and turn out to be dinner.

That's what I tried to make tonight.

(dinner, not sand-mud-moss cake)

With not really a lot of stuff in the fridge my options for supper were, cereal, toast, eggs, or pasta and vegetables...

Now wait a minute you say, that last one sounds like a great idea.

And it was a great idea, the past five nights that's what I've eaten.

I just wanted something different

Matt's suggestion was obvious (to him) Boston Pizza!!

They must deliver.... but ordering out is not within the budget I have planned.. so I decide, "hey, I can make my own pizza".

I don't have meat, or mushrooms, or peppers... or anything else that I like on pizza.

But I do have garlic. And Broccoli.

Garlic and discount broccoli, (why was it discount, I don't know, I've been eating it for a week, and it hasn't killed me yet!!).

So I decide to make garlic fingers. A Grande Plan Sam...

I don't have any yeast for the dough, but resourceful old me finds a recipe on the internet for yeast-less bread.

You need flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, and vinegar.... great!! I have everything but vinegar.

Opps the vinegar is the most important part, makes some sort of acid reaction.... so i check out my fridge for something else that is acidy. And I find a grapefruit.

(Let me just point out, that it is past 8:00pm and I haven't eaten since lunch at 2:00pm, so this next move I make may be part stupidity, but it is also fueled by a delirium of hunger.)

So I make grapefruit garlic bread... and no I don't measure.

(What would i measure with??? I'm Sitting on the floor and eating out of zip-loc containers here people, I did NOT splurge on measuring cups and spoons).

I just dump.

Lots of flour... some of the other ingredients, lots of water... oops, it was supposed to be a little water... so in goes more flour, and then the grapefruit juice... squeezed right on top.

Mix'r all up, flop it on the pan and in thirty minutes I am topping my heavy, crusty, lumpy, (guess I flunked the mix'r up part) with cheese, garlic and broccoli.

And then I ate it, and you know what it wasn't so bad.

I ate half the loaf. Kinda like my own little personal pan pizza. Just a little doughy (I was supposed to cook it for forty minutes, but my stomach decided when it was done instead of my common sense).

The regret is small, because as I look at my plate there is about three bites left, and I am actually considering them.

I apologize if you thought this e-mail was going to have a doesn't.

I just thought if I don't wake up tomorrow, then at least people will know why.

At the funeral you can get Boston Pizza to cater. Then you can all go around shaking your heads and sighing

"The poor girl, if only she would go grocery shopping, she wouldn't have gotten her self into this mess."

But what ever you do, please don't blame the grapefruit bread... it really wasn't so terrible... I'm sure it won't kill me.

I just don't trust the discount broccoli

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