Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.

"95 percent of women suffer from cellulite, including me."~ Jillian Micheals.

If that's all you suffer from in life, can't you count yourself fairly lucky??

Can we do a pole on how many MEN suffer from cellulite?? I'm going to guess maybe 10-15%

Is that because they have a different genetic make up?? Is it because they have thicker skins?? or thicker brains...

Maybe 95% of men HAVE cellulite, but only 20% actually even notice, and it's only 5% that think it's something worth SUFFERING over.

Kids in Africa are suffering from the aids virus.

You suffer from Malaria.

People with leprosy suffer with a LOSS OF LIMBS!!

Are we really that effected by a few little dimples.... or even a lot of little dimples...

I'm not saying I'm not vain by any means, or that my body is perfect the way it is, or that I would never change anything.

But I can't say the I'm actually suffering from my cellulite... in fact I can think of a few things I am suffering more from.

Curly hair... that is something I suffer with, especially this year with the humidity factor being somewhere between 95% to "I think hell is boiling over and I'm in it"

What makes me think I "suffer" from curly hair?

Maybe the billions of dollars and hours I have spent either trying to make it strait.... or trying to make the curls look better.

I am a master with a bobby pin.

I have actually used my clothes iron on my hair more than I have ever used it on any article of clothing.

I have learnt that just about anything creamy will help in a pinch. ( Cosmo just offered the advice of using your new beau's shaving cream to smooth out your ponytail.)

Yea sure- what do you think is going to weird the guy out more the morning after??? Knowing that your hair is a little messy, or knowing that you have already entered crazy stalker girl mode by going through his bathroom and using his products?

Come to think of it.. I actually just suffer from hair... when I was younger my hair was fairly strait and I paid the price ( in money, and the damage to my hair, not to mention my nostrils) to get a perm!!!

I have spent far more time trying to change my hair, the colour, the texture, the length.

And now I'm realizing it's not just the hair on my head..

I pencil in my brows every day.

I dye my lashes, then I coat them with mascara, each and every application thinking about how I should splurge on an eyelash curler.

And I have used every method known to man to remove it from other parts of my body.... in fact I have made a career out of removing it from women AND men.

We're ALL suffering from hair!!!!

Even celebrities have a problem with it!!! They are paying thousands to have it sew in, lasered off, curled, teased, straitened, thinned, implanted.

Remember Britney's big meltdown?? The worst of it was when she shaved her head...

( Sinead O'conner's been doing it for years and no one really notices, but when a mouseketeer decides to finally rid herself of something we are ALL suffering from, we hospitalize her! )

And they say the road of life can get a little bumpy... I say it's much worse when life gets hairy.

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