Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cheese Please

"You must do the thing you think you cannot do."
Eleanor Roosevelt

Most Sundays, around 1 pm you can find me cooking. That is something that most people think I can not do.

Most people have tried my cooking, and they actually have reasons to believe that cooking is in fact the thing I can not do.

The problem is sometimes I think I can. It's not really a problem I have to deal with, as much as the people at Sunday dinner.

My family members have become my test subjects. I never even gave them the courtesy of a consent form. I just serve it and pray no one dies.

There are some dishes I may never live down (or be forgiven for). I may have almost killed a few people with some Cajun Potatoes.

And some that are best not served at all. There was an incident with some brown rice that I actually made people put back because it was so bad.

Every once in awhile, I hit jackpot.

Well maybe not jackpot, but at least mediocrity.

I mean, sometimes what I cook is edible.

Those dishes usually involve lots of cheese. I've found if you smother anything in cheese it's generally well accepted.

Perhaps it is because I follow rules such as that, that I am not a success of the culinary kind yet.

Last Sunday I'm proud to say not only did people like it, but they ate all of it!!

This is actually an accomplishment on two levels, one- they've liked your food, and two- your dish only gets washed if it is empty.

Therefor making something that everybody likes means you go home with a clean dish. As opposed to going home with leftovers that sit in you fridge for a week until next Sunday when you need your casserole dish and have to wash it yourself.

I figure, washing dishes is something I'm already pretty good at, so no need to practice that one any more than I have to.

I'm also slightly ashamed to admit that I think last Sunday was the first one EVER that my dish was washed. So I'm excited to try this whole "cooking things people will like" thing again.

First I think I'm going to have to go buy more cheese.

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